Venezuelans are Single and Loving It

Does anyone else think it was kind of sweet how Cha'vez ran for dictator? Dictators are usually much more brutish but not Chaevez if the Venezuelans didn't want him to be dictator then he didn't want to be dictator. And let's face it it's not Cha'vez's fault, the people of Venezuela just can't commit. They're not ready to get into a "Until death do we part" relationship with their executive branch. It's not that they don't like Cha'vez but they want to keep their options open. And to Cha'vez's discredit I think he was moving a bit too fast for the Venezuelan people. He's only been their president, what 4 years? And now he wants a life time commitment. Slow down their buddy! Buy a girl or a nation some flowers.


Grant Miller said…
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