For Christmas Eve

My family has been celebrating Christmas Eve pretty much the same way every year since I have been alive. We get together and eat a massive dinner consisting of pasta, artichokes, and an array of fishes. We drink wine, belinis, beer (as a small child family members would dip their fingers into the wine and tell me "take a taste"--I attribute this to keeping me off the "sauce" until college.). Then there is dessert and then gift exchanging and the next thing you know it's one in the morning.

I remember on year, I was thirteen years old, at the age where you're starting to think that maybe it's not Santa who is leaving gifts under the tree, but maybe it's burglars who burgle backwards. I recieved a phone call at 9am. I groggily pick up the phone and ask, "Who is it?" because I'm still sleeping, I only went to bed 6 or 7 hours ago. On the other end of the phone was my friend Carlene she inquired, "What did you get?"
"I don't know."
"What do you mean you don't know?"
"I'm still in bed, I'll call you later."
I was dumbfounded. It was 9 in the morning and Carlene had not only opened all her gifts, she had tried on all the clothes her mom got her from Marshalls, got into a fight over said clothing, then had breakfest, and then called me. (Perhaps her family didn't do steps 2 and 3).

The phone rang again about a hour later.
"What did you get?" It was Carlene again.
"What?...Dude, I'm still sleeping?"
"Still sleeping? Don't you want to know what you got?"
"It'll still be there at noon. Aren't we teenagers now? Doesn't that mean we have to act like we don't give a shit about childhood things like Santa Claus?"
"This isn't math, Rachael, these are gifts!"
"Alright, I'll call you when I know."

She called a third time an hour later forcing me out of bed to go downstairs and open my gifts. It's funny I don't remember what I got that year at all. I'm sure there were clothes involved but what they looked like I have no idea. Nor do I remember the cds or other fun things my father might have given me, but I do remember the one thing I didn't get, an uninterrupted nights rest of 10 hours.

For his Birthday I think Jesus would like us all to love one another unconditionally, at least for the day. The only way I'll be able to love you people is if I get my unconditional-love sleep. Please no phone calls before noon.

God Bless Us Everyone

Merry Christmas!