What I want for Christmas

According to Hallmark Hall of Fame Entertainment Christmas is a time for miracles. Well, this year I know what I want for the holidays and it is more in the miracle vain than the gift wrap variety.

I want Charlie Rose, PBS interviewer, to be a completely different person than he is. Then his show--black background and all--would be great.

Enough with the interrupting of your guests, with your inaccurate summations of what your guest just said.

Charlie Rose: So what you're saying, Noble Prize Winner is that I'm a great listener and have a mind like a sponge.

Nobel Prize Winner: No. Ahh. Actually, not exactly. What I was trying to get across is that Pat Sajack could do what you do, except he's shorter.

Charlie Rose: So for our viewers at home, who are not as savvy as I am in the ways of media, let me just clarify. You're saying that journalists are just taller game show hosts?

Nobel Prize Winner: Charlie, I want to throttle you.

Charlie Rose: I am seeing somebody.

Nobel Prize Winner: Aren't you supposed to be recovering from a heart attack still?

Charlie Rose: Thanks for coming on, it's always great to have you on the show.

Nobel Prize Winner: Thank you, Charlie, I can't believe you have a college degree. Always a pleasure.

If only this wasn't who the man was.
Happy Holidays!