It's nearly 6 years since I told my first joke on a stage. I have had a good run, but I'm ready, now, to turn the page. I'm starting on my new creative career as a visual artist. After two weeks of slaving away on the 39th floor of a Rockefeller Center building (It's kind of like a Rockefeller grant of sorts) I'm ready to exhibit my first art show here on this blog. The theme is capitalism versus humanity versus the mind versus high school detention. I beg you, please don't illegally download these pieces and print them out for yourselves. I'm desperately trying to make my way to South America.

Entitled: "What do you mean it's not 5:00 pm yet?" or "An hour to Freedom"

Entitled: "Dreams of Peru" It goes for $7000 (the amount of money I'll need to comfortably travel to Peru.

Here we have on of my favorites: "Emerson, $120,000"

This one is entitled: "8:30am--Oh the Inhumanity!"

Here we have a piece entitled: "The world unites. South Korea, San Franscico and Russia closing the gap of differences one ship at time."