I is Brilliant!

I caught a few minutes of that game show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" I have to say it is totally fixed in favor of the 5th graders. They ask questions that have nothing to do with adult life. Am I smarter than a 5th grader? Hells yeah. Does a 5th grader know what wine to have with steak? In the category a 5th grader can tell you which continent Russia is located, but do they know where my ex-boyfriend is located? No. I do though. And I'll tell you this, it isn't Russia. He doesn't have the money to be in Russia so who cares what continent it's on. 5th grade math is useless. When do you ever use long division in life? But ratios are important. Why don't they ask these kids how many glasses of water per alcoholic beverage do you need to drink to avoid a hang over?

Our President couldn't answer any of the questions asked on this show, and he's president of the U.S. But I bet you these kids couldn't tell you the first thing about PR, Spin, and the best way to shred evidence. Kids, listen up, the answer isn't your dog.

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