Blank Check

Last night after an evening of comedy I came home and relaxed to the soft sounds of a late night baseball game broadcast on CBS radio. For me baseball on the radio brings me back to the Sepia Era of America. I know that there wasn't radio for the whole span of time sepia toned pictures were taken, but that doesn't stop me from time traveling.

I was jarred back to the modern era with a call to the Angels bullpen brought to us by some bank. The bank was hocking Yankee decorated checks. You could order checks with the Yankee logo on them. Are there that many children with checking accounts that this marketing ploy is economically viable? Because there can't be grown-ups rushing to have the Yankees (or any sports team) emblazened on their checks. If you saw a 30 year old handed write a check covered in their favorite sports team you'd back away in fear that an awkward invite back to his/her place to see his/her room of sports kitch was moments away. or that a you'd be trapped in a conversation (more like a lecture) of baseball statistics and minutia. And really? Who even has checks anymore?

If any of you are ever thinking about having sex ever again in your life keep your checks sports team logo free.