Comedy that Won't Kill You

You're thinking to yourselves, "After Lee Sander's MTA stranded me for hours in heat stroke causing caves yesterday I'm fearful of ever riding the subway again. But, I desperately want to enjoy all the art, culture, and booze this city has to offer. I'm conflicted, scared, frustrated, and lost what should I do? Someone please show me the way."

Well, you've come the right place. Tonight there is a free comedy show in a bar (that is an art installation unto itself) in an art gallery. That's culture, art, cheap booze and laughs all for free. The best part is its location, 540 W. 21st street. There isn't one subway train that services this area near 11th and 10th avenues. How brilliant is that? You can't be stranded by a subway if you're not riding on one. Take that NYC Subway!

Now, there are other comedy shows happening tonight on the westside of Manhattan, but they are not free and they are near a subway line that could kill you or strand you for seven hours. The Co-op comedy show will not kill you with a subway car nor will any of the comics be nice to your face and then stab you in the back later.

Co-op Bar (Located in EyeBeam Art Space)
540 W. 21st street

Adam Wade(Ton of TV Credits and super sweet guy)
Moody McCarthy (Jimmy Kimmel Live and will talk to you even if you can't help his career)
Mike Dobbins (Darling of NYC Downtown Scene and will lavish encouragement on up and
coming comedians)
Becky Donahue (Comedy Central if you tell her "everytime I see you I try not to laugh, but then I do anyway." She won't punch you in the face.)
Charles Star (Onion Network News and he'll invite you to a poker night at his place and then
drive you back home when it's done.)
Rachael Parenta (Too many credits to mention. Further, she seems hateful but she has given many rides to a motley crew of drunks and non-drunks.

So come out to see extremely funny comedians who aren't fucking assholes.


Charles said…
funny comedians who are fucking
I can't believe that you told everybody! It is going to be so uncomfortable now.
Christina said…
Must be quite a show...comedy with the porn...