Oh The Times They Are an Inspiration

I read in an article in the NY Times yesterday that discussed how the generally held belief that men are promiscuous and women are chaste is mathematically impossible. The number of sex partners heterosexual women and men have over a life time should roughly be the same since they are having sex with one another. The New York Times is accusing America of lying to pollsters. How dare they! Did it ever occur to the NY Time or its so called mathematicians that only 25% of men are having sex with a 100% of the women? Meaning 75% of men have never had sex. Of course those chaste men weren't by their phone ready to take sex survey. Those men were out redirecting their sexual energy onto logging, running, and basket weaving. Meanwhile the 25% of men doing all the sexing were exhausted and recuperating at home near their phone ready to answer the question of how many partners they've had. Further, most women are home because that is where they belong--birthing babies and doing the dishes.

I mean come on. Are we really to believe that males and females might have a similar sex drive and a similar number of sex partners? That is ludicrous. The New York Times is no better than The Inquirer.


Sal said…
Those NYT stats seem completely off. I suspect they used lady mathematicians to come up with those figures.
rachael said…
hey sal, do you still need a job? I've left the hedge fund. I can now tell you the name of the company and not worry about you stalking me and killing me.