The High Designer of High Heels

I was wondering who was the person who said, "You know what? I think it would be really fabulous if women walked on really tiny stilts. But the stilts have to just be for her heel. The ball of her foot should remain close to the Earth. I'd love to see women a half an inch taller and tetering-HOT!!!" I don't get the point of high heels. Do women really need to work on their balance all day? I find riding a bike around town helps me with my balancing skills and makes my calves look sexy.


jeremy said…
it dates back to the time when women were the leading ninja wariors. It was only through the introduction of the stilleto that their balance was compromised that men became better ninjas and were able to run across the treetops faster.

Check your histroy books. They will back me up.
simon said…
It is easier to have sex standing up while wearing high heels.

At least, it's easier for me.