Europe: Not Just a Place for Vacationing College Grads

Last weekend I attended a bar-b-q hosted by an off the boat Swede. In attendance were other European expatriots as well as native born Americans. The Europeans informed us dating is very American and that "dating" isn't a thing that really happens in Europe. Basically Europeans get drunk have find someone to have sex with and then the person they have sex with twice is the person they marry.


Speaking of Europeans do you think that Napolean failed to conquer all of Europe and the world because The Secret hadn't been published yet. If Napolean only thought more positively we could have all been speaking French right now. I think that's Achilles heel of the maniacal dictator/emperor--they just don't believe in themselves, in their goals, and their vision enough.


Nina Paley said…
Ha ha ha! Take that, Europeans!
Dinty said…
Maybe Europe just wasn't that into Napolean?

I'm just saying . . .