Faith Up Against A Will

Sometime faith has nothing to do with God. Sometimes it has to do with believing in the power of people. Sunday Night I believed in a bunch of rag tag millionaire guys in spandex pants. I believed that these men, who don the NY Giants logo, could do the impossible, beat a bunch of other spandex wearing millionaires at their own game. But it wasn't just my belief in these men who call New York (and the surrounding metropolitan area) home for 5 months of the year, it was also a belief in myself.

I had faith that if I curled my ring and middle fingers down toward the palms of my hands making my hands look like the horns of a bull (with the pinky and forefinger still raised) If I took those bull horn hands and pointed them toward the telivision whenever Tom Brady's face appeared on it. If i twisted those hands and thought to myself and out loud "Throw an interception." that Tom Brady probably wouldn't throw an interception (because when you're jinxing a team through the TV the jinx gets somewhat diluted) that he would at the very least screw up or have something unpleasant happen to him--like a three hundred pound man throwing him to the ground. I knew I had the jinxing skills. After honing them for 20+ years, then continuing to refine them for 16 games of the regular season this year, and then really figuring out the most effecient and effective way to jinx the opponent during the playoffs that I ccould lead this team to Superbowl victory.

Sure it looked a little dire after the 1st half. I thought maybe the girl who jinxed Scott Norwood into missing the game winning field goal in the 1991 Superbowl had lost her magic touch. Then I thought, maybe it is Karen (Melinda's Friend who was present as I watched the Giants loose the superbowl in 2001). I thought maybe I have to drown her in the tub during Tom Petty's half time concert. But I didn't. I took a deep breath and believed in myself. Believed that yes a simple girl (with complicated needs) from New Jersey could rise above Karen's bad karma. I could rise against the skill, determination, and know how of the Patriots. I could twist my horn shaped hands just so to ensure The Giants place in NFL history.

Yes, some say it was Eli who led the Giants to victory last night. But I know it was faith. My faith. My faith in superstition. I don't need a trophy or a ring because true champions are satisfied with a job well done.