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I was wondering why Mars isn't singular. Why can't the god of war and the 4th planet from the Sun be called Mar? There is only one Mar. If Mar possessed something like an atmosphere or prisoners of war then we could say "Mar's." which sounds like Mars. Or if there were siomese twins both of who were named Mar. Then they'd be Mars combined.

A friend sent me an article in the New York Time about how everyone is now in love with Gabriel Byrne because of the so so show (in my opinion) "In Treatment." I have yet to read the article but I'd just like to say to the rest of you ladies who think you have a shot, "FAT CHANCE." Not only do I have an amazingly hysterical bit about the love he and I share, but he's stalked me. Has he stalked you? No, I don't think so.

This May Mr. Gabriel Byrne Stalked me. And we all know that stalking equals love.

I was in an improv class when I received a text message from a friend who works an upscale SoHo restaurant. Her text read, "Guess who's here?" I knew immediately that it was my love. After class I inexpediently hopped on C or E train to Spring Street. There Mr. Byrne was talking to some blond woman. He had a plaid shirt on and purple pants. I walked by his table and then left. The following day I was standing on the corner of 7th Avenue and 26th Street talking to some classmates about women in comedy. Next thing you know Gabriel Byrne is crossing 7th Avenue towards me. He was wearing the same outfit-those ridiculous purple pants and that plaid shirt that matches because of the purple in the plaid. Now, he could have been wearing the same outfit because he's Irish and you know how they are. But I think he was wearing the outfit because he wanted to make sure I knew it was him. And though he wanted me to see him he was to shy to come over and talk to me. Of course he was too shy. Love is scary. Putting your heart out there is more frightening than going to war. I forgive him because I love unconditionally. Meaning I don't see my love through rose color-ed classes. I disapprove of his purple pants but I love him anyway.

Hey people I'm doing a show Monday where you can see me do 15-20 minutes of comedy in front of college kids and you. We are kicking off Woman's History Month. Don't ask me why Carolyn puts as my credit a show that hasn't been in New York in a year and half. Oh I know why. Because I have no credits.

Chicks and Giggles at NYU: March 3

You are invited to a fun comedy show as we kick-off the month with a celebration of women in the arts. The event will feature Chicks and Giggles—a stand-up group featuring the best female comics in New York City.


Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia (VH1)
Rachael Parenta (Oh, Hello)
Mindy Raf (College Humor)
Giulia Rozzi (MTV)
Diana Saez (DC Comedy Fest)


Jenny Wynter said…
Congrats on the stalkage. One of my friends had a similar mutual stalking thing happening with Julia Stiles when she was in London appearing on Broadway, I believe.

Love your blog - I'll be back!