Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Who saw the lunar eclipse last night? Unfortunately, I didn't have the will power to get my skinny ass out into the cold night to witness it. I did, however, watch the lunar eclipse in October 2004.

It was a Wednesday; I know this because I had just finished an open mic at the Duplex. My friends were at a bar next door watching the Red Sox play in the World Series. The bar was too packed for me to go in and meet them. I stood on the sidewalk outside the bar on Christopher street leaving one of them a message. After that I somehow struck up a conversation with some woman getting some air. We somehow got on the topic of relationships and we stood there talking for a good while as we talked we watched the eclipse. As I saw the eclipse I knew the Red Sox would win the World Series and then the world would shortly end, and though I'm not a Red Sox fan in any sense, I found the whole thing inspiring. I knew the eclipse was responsible for this random conversation with a stranger and the impending Red Sox victory and even though I'm not a Red Sox fan in anyway it was all-inspiring. As the Earth's shadow passed over the moon I told this woman that I was going to call that boy (a man of forty something) and tell him how I felt. I was going to tell him that his break-up with me hasn't sat right with me because I just listened and never said how I felt. And how our now friendship is a charade and lie. I was ready. I was pumped up. I was going to get on the phone and see him face to face and say confess all my amorous feeling that were pent-up inside. And the stranger was cheering me on and we both knew bravery was the only way to go. Yes, the lunar event was an inspiration! I was a warrior of love and if I died in battle so much the better. Yes!

The lunar eclipse ended and the woman went back to sandwich herself into the bar and I went home charged up-ready- to begin my new, brave life and make the most important phone call ever. And I went home and I looked at my phone and I said, "Nah. Forget it."