President's Day

Guess what? The Mormon's got it wrong. Joseph Smith isn't the American messiah, it's Abraham Lincoln. He's the American Jesus. Actually Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Just like Jesus there birthday celebrations were moved from their actual birthday to a day more convenient for the rest of us. That and both men were assinated just like Jesus. Granted Jesus died for our sins, and Abe and Martin didn't. But, that's because Americans don't sin.

Now on the other hand Joseph Smith lived a long life that ended from natural causes and the mail gets delivered on his birthday unless his birthday falls on a Sunday. What I'm saying is I think the Church of Later Day Saints should start following the teachings of Abe Lincoln and MLK because we celebrate their birthdays on a Monday so we get a three day weekend. That's much more fun than being forbidden to drink caffenine.


Tor Hershman said…
Did you ever wonder why Ronnie Raygoon made MLK's day on the 20th and not the 15th?

I never wonder about that, I know why.

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