Man or God? Fool or Emotionally Enlightened?

Jesus was betrayed by his friends and brutalized by the Romans all culminating a painful crucifixion. Jesus forgave all persons involved. Today millions of people worship Jesus. They really love that guy.

My friend Stacey has forgiven some chump bartender, Johnny, for his emotional insensitivities toward her. Today dozens of people (quite close to her) call her a fool. Is it because she's a woman? or because she's still alive and therefore we all have to endure hearing about it for years to come. Meanwhile Jesus is dead so we don't have to listen to Jesus say, "Judas, betrayed me again. He called up the IRS and told them I wasn't paying tax on the wine I converted from water. What is with him? He wasn't always like this. Ugh. I do love all God's children."
Would we all be like, "Enough, Jesus! Just tell Judas to shove off. He's a total tool and he doesn't really care about you."
And Jesus would respond, "No, he does, he's just a human. Humans are flawed. You guys just don't understand because you're human too. I mean so I am, sort of. I know you guys don't get it and like to yell at me, but I love you guys too."

"Great Jesus."