Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Get It

I know why people think I'm gay. It's because the men I date are so lady like.

Maybe I need to back that statement up. I was reminded of the following story last week.

A fellow and I stood on a street corner in an outer borough of New York City. The fellow fake punched me. I noticed that his form was all wrong. His wrist was severly bent and he had bad thumb position on his fist. It was a absymal. I told him to hold up. I then showed him how to correctly throw a punch. I put up my hands to be used as targets. I had him practice punching by punching my hands. Next thing you know one of his knuckles has a small cut on it. I don't know if he accidently hit my watch or his knuckles are that tender. He freaked out and I decided that he must immediately go to Duane Reade so he could buy hydrogen peroxide to fend off infection. And that there ended our boxing lesson for the day.

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