A Road Tale

A couple of weeks ago I played a benefit dinner the proceeds of which benefited an organization dedicated to helping people who have suffered severe injury or major illness. The guest of honor and the inspiration for the organization was a woman who was completely paralyzed. The only part of her body she could move was her eye lids.

Now I could get into the logistics of how the show spiraled out of my control. But, who cares? At one point most of the people were laughing at what I was saying and then they stopped and started talking each other. There were four tables, the ones closest to the stage, which were with me the whole way.(God bless them) In between the talking tables and the laughing tables sat the blinking wheel chair-bound woman and some of her relatives, who also helped organize the event. The niece of the blinking lady stood up and shouted to me, "Tell them to shut-up." I responded, "I can't. You guys should have hired a clown or mime." Then the niece says, "Well, they're making my aunt very upset. She thinks they're being very rude." Now, I was on stage so I couldn't ask, "What the fuck?" How does a completely paralyzed person who can speak or sign communicate her disgust.

All I'm saying is that should have been the act. I will now berate this entire room by merely blinking.