When Your Friends are Really Into Him!

You know you''re friends hated the last person you dated when they overly faun of the new person you've gone on one date with--whom they've never met.

Friends: What does he do?

You: Do I really have to tell you? It's not good.

Friends: Yes. Don't worry it's not like we have interesting jobs.

You: What the hell are you talking about you work for NASA.

Friends: How boring. NASA is nothing but math. Everyone hates math

You: He's a...ugh... he sell bibles door to door.

Friends: That's awesome! He must have a very welcoming personality.

You: Aren't you concerned he might be a fanatical Christian?

Friends: Is that so bad? That you are dating someone who believes in something and can show he can commit at minimun to an idea.

You: Yeah, I guess.

Friends: What does he look like?

You: Well, how do I put this? He's missing half his face.

Friends: That's great! He's an iconoclast.

You: An Iconoclast? He's DNA deficient.

Friends: Yeah, he's thrifty. He's not wastefull. Most people are walking around with a whole face and he's showing us how wastefull that is. People can obviously get by with a half a face. It's like he an ultimate environmentalist--conserving energy on the facial level.

You: I don't know. I mean you guys haven't even met him yet. I think you're jumping the gun here.

Friends: Is his name Franklin Ignatious Fenton?

You: No, that's the dude who I used to date.

Friends: Exactly. We love the half-faced bible seller.

Just because I love this song.