Lazy Thursday

1) All my shoes are flats (meaning they do not have a raised heel) making my shoe rack more of a decorative than functional.

2) I said the following to a room full of strangers over a PA system the other night, "After my last one night stand of dysfunctional sex at 4am I am no longer having sex after midnight. My vagina is like a gremlin and can't be fed after midnight, otherwise it gets ugly." Where is my shame, people?

3) schitzophrenics disprove the "Power of Postive Thinking" and "The Secret." Schitzophrenics truly believe they are being chased by the CIA or that their pillows are made of rainbows. They believe these things to their cores and yet these things never become true. Those pillow aren't even stuffed with fluffy down feathers, just cheap polyester blend material.