That Couldn't Have Been My Disc Slipping

You will frequently hear people of my generation who are in the thirties and early forties say things like, "Yeah, my back hurts for some reason. I don't remember doing anything like playing tackle football." What they really forgot is that they are in their 30s and 40s. And just like all the people who came before us when you hit a certain age body parts start to hurt no matter how irresponsible you are.

You see, we think of adults as people belonging to our parent's generation. When they were our age they were married with children, they had a mortgage or at least an apartment without roommates, They had jobs they couldn't afford to lose. They were adults. We however are not mentally. Unfortunately the human body doesn't care that you spend most of your free time playing guitar hero, body cells decay at a certain rate no matter how mature you are.

But you'll still hear us say things like, "I don't understand why I can't sit Indian style anymore without limping afterwards. I mean, it's not like I'm old. I just played beer pong at a party last night." Or, "My hip is killing me. That makes no sense I still go on rollerskating dates. Do you think my hip hurts from roller skating?" Or "My neck hurts, that's weird. It can't be old age as one of my three roommates just puked in the bathroom from drinking too much."

Well, my friends we did nothing but have too many birthdays just like the cavemen before us.

You see when our parents were our age they owned property, they had children and a real job, maybe even a career. They were mature and responsible. The members of my generation as we speed toward middle-age are still playing video games, renting apartments with roommates (hell I don't even have lease), temping, and still holding on to pipe dreams. In our heads we are still twenty-two so how can it take an extra five minutes to get out of bed? The human body knows nothing of societal maturity it only knows the rate at which body cells decay.


J.L. said…
YES! I know what you mean. I did three hours of yard work on Sunday and now I'm crippled. The body doesn't care that I don't think I'm old.