It's Not All Palm Trees and Suntan Oil

Greetings from sunny Florida. I'm down in the sunshine state visiting my aunt/god mother. Or as I like to put jt: maintaining my inheritance account. Yes, I have it on good authority (namely my mother) that I'm the first in line to my childless Aunt's estate, which I just discovered -- thanks to this visit-- includes an unopened copy of the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack on cassette. Caching! Unfortunately, it does include anything one might traditionally eat for dinner. Fortunately, I'll at least have a weeks supply of ice cream and cookies when probate time comes 'round.

Now, there are many people out there that think inheritance should be illegal or at minimum taxxed at a much greater percentage than it is today. My aunt's two bedroom home and I disagree. Keeping one's inheritance account in good standing is a lot harder than people realize. Dare I say it? Yes, I shall dare it might just be harder than having an actual career that will provide for you after you retire. There are birthday phone calls to be made. When was the last time your boss ever made you call him/her on his/her birthday? Then there is explaining the "Law and Order" episode you both just watched. If you have an office job you usually don't have to deal with the slowest internet connection since 1996 and yet somehow it's not dial up. All I'm saying is that an inheritance is earned people it's not just given away. It's hardly free money and with today's medicine you don't get to cash in until you yourself are ready to retire. "Retire from what, Rachael?" Retire from the hard work of keeping myself in this will.

So you want to tax my inheritance fine. But don't over tax my inheritance because it's not easier to inherit money than it is to out right earn it. Take it from someone who has been ousted out of two wills already.