Dating Advice

Well, the intestines are feeling better today, thanks for asking. I guess I either miscarried the spirit baby or fully recovered from my cancer, or my appendix mended itself. Doctors be damned!
Hippies are great to date because they don't care how their partners look. They're awful to date because they don't care how they smell.
When it comes to dating the quality "nice" isn't enough. Some friends didn't understand why I didn't want a second date with a certain nice guy. Yes he was nice but he didn't know how to read. I once dated this other nice guy but I had to end it, he smelled and liked dick. I saw a nice guy in the bowling alley the other day. He was really cute, seemed to be a family guy too. But I couldn't ask him out...because he was Five. Unfortunately for me, we probably had alot in common: bowling, icepops, our parents paying for things, etc. Too bad jail has never agreed with me.


Alicia said…
Thank you for the hearty laugh this morning.