OK Guys , I Get it

Have you ever dated yourself? No, I don't mean have you given your age away in the midst of conversing with a bunch of youths. Nor do I mean it in a new agey kind of way. Like have you spent time with you---"Well, what the hell do you mean, Rachael? Maybe you should write more clearly and concisely this way we know what you mean without you writing what you don't mean."

Fair enough.
Have you ever dated someone just like you? "Why are you asking this question, Rachael? You don't care what we have experienced. You will write your opinion or experience regardless of our response."

True, I'---

"It's not like we can respond immediately anyway, It's a blog! It's not even instant messenger, never mind actual human interaction."

OK I get it.

"Do you though?"

Yes! Let me write the post already.

"Fine, what were your going to type?"

Just that, man...Basically, I dated a guy who was very similar to me and now I know why the boys I have liked have broken up with me. I'm really hard to date. I tried giving the boy the who was similar to me the benefit of the doubt because it was like giving myself the benefit of the doubt. In the end I had to break up with me. I tried my darndest giving me a chance but I'm really infuriating sometimes. So, I sat down and gave the speech I had only the opportunity to hear. I must say it really is a very true speech. I am a great person, interesting and cool. That is until you date me. Then I over think the whole thing and become completely untrusting, gaurded and protective of my ego. And that's exactly what he did.

"That was the post?"
Well, you got all in my head.