Food, Folks and Driving

This is not a such a funny post, but it's about being funny sort of.

In general I'm a funny person, my skill level as a comedian not with standing. It would be unfair for me to take all the credit for my sense of humor. I have to say that many members of my extended family are funny dare my ego let me type funnier than me. And I don't just mean the things they do that I make fun of in my act, (i.e putting a picture of a fetus on edible cake.) My grandmother for most of her life has been the queen of the dirty joke. She has been forced into retirment in recent years. I don't know by whom but last christmas she told a friend, who joined us for Christmas Eve dinner, that she was not allowed to tell him dirty jokes. It's a shame because they're funny especially coming out of the mouth of a 4ft 7inch old lady.

For most of my childhood I always looked forward to Christmas Eve and not just because of the presents and not because the food was awesome but because my dad and his siblings were so funny. I'm not trying to romantize the past, some of Christmas Eve's were lame lame lame. I believe those were the ones my parents hosted. Oh wait, they only hosted one, because no one wanted to come back. Christmas at the Parentas' is filled with fish and antics. Many of the antics have become tradition. Maybe they are traditions because we are so easily amused. The same jokes each year continue to crack us up. But how can you resist laughing at my aunt Annette when she struts around my grandparents' living room in her new bras that she would wear over her new flannel shirt my grandparents have given her again that year?

No one in my family is perfect and we all have made self destructive choices at some point to some degree and those choices aren't made in a vaccuum they affect the rest of us. However, we're not just our bad choices. At minimum we are funny. And it's late I should go to bed. Tonight I'll be laughing about a driving lesson my Aunt Annette had given me when I was sixteen. I was cruising down 287 south with my learners permit in my pocket. I had to get over to my right lane so I could exit off the highway into Morristown. I told my aunt, "I don't like looking at my blind spot, moving my head makes me nervous." She said, "Oh don't worry about it I have a friend who's been driving for years, she never looks. She figures people will get out of her way." When I was 21 years old I hit a city bus in Jersey City while making a right turn into a parking garage. Apparently, he didn't get my aunt's memo about getting out of my way.


Anonymous said…
Don't hold back! What happened with Jack?

Did you two "do it?"
rachael said…
A lady never kisses and tells, luckily I'm not a lady. Tomorrow, after I catch my breath I'll share all the details.