Viva La Resistance

First off, I'd like to thank the readership of this blog for their letter writing campaign with which you all besieged my parents. All of sudden they seemed to have found at least some of my summer clothing and my small pink fan. Still missing, however, are my pair of light weight black pants I got on sale, off season at the bananna republic two years ago, a pair of blue pants, my high cut shorts -- which I need because Jack will be back in 11 days--- and other miscellaneous items.

I am confident if we keep the pressure on these clothing renegades, a.k.a. my parents, eventually we will shame them into returning my full summer wardrobe unharmed. I have also taken steps in relocating my winter clothes to a secure and undisclosed location. I would disclose it to you, but my parents may read my blog. On occassion they have been supportive. Though according to my mother these reason my relationships have failed is always my fault. When I bring up Jack and our 7 year relationship she scoffs and says, "I don't think he even exists." We'll see who is scoffing in 11 days, mom!
And so I won't be telling them the location of my clothing. Who knows what these scoundrels might do with the sensetive information. They're madmen. Well, a madman and madwoman living in blissful matrimony for 33 years. Do you see what I mean, who stays married these days? They can not be trusted.
So keep writing, protesting, and carrying out civil disobeidence. THE CLOTHING WILL BE RETURNED!!!!!

Uh now I have to go pack up the bag of frozen shrimp my dad gave me to take back to my place, along with the canned tuna and walnuts.


Jesse said…
I see a video of a pair of lo-rise jeans with your mom and dad on either side, pointing squirtguns full of bleach at it as they beg to be sasved before being acid-washed.
Alicia said…
Where's the petition to save your clothes? I'll sign.