Jack returned on Tuesday and he was exhausted. He came home took a shower and passed right out on the straw matt I had weaved for him. Honestly, I don't think my matt would hold up outside like a traditional Tartrian Matt is supposed. I left him to sleep Tuesday into most of Wednesday. That's when things went crazy. Jack awoke and noticed a number of gentlemen callers hanging out in my living room making smores with pens and lighters. I told him that they'll eventually leave once they see us in our bliss. But he wasn't having it. First, he got mad at me.
"How could you let these dudes stay here you're a black belt, plus you have two roommates!"
"Well, they clean more than my roommate Brian. And I don't want to get arrested. They're just making smores and I'm never home anyway. And you know they think I'm funny."
"I think you're funny."
"But you were off saving the world."
"I'm home now! Maybe you should have removed your fan club here before I got back."
"I was busy making you a straw matt. You know I'm not good at arts and crafts. I couldn't get to everything. You're the one who refused to sleep in my bed. Did you want a place to sleep or more space to sit in the living room?"
Jack's temper really swelled. He let out a tremedous roar. I jumped ten feet, but I'm high strung and am prone to react like that. The gentlemen callers were unphased, they kept chomping away at the smores they were making. I must say those smores looked really good. I had such a desire to ask for one, but I think that would have sent Jack over the edge, so I just pined. Over the years, I've developed a great ability to pine.
Jack told them, "Get out! She is my girlfriend and you will stop making advances toward her. You will also leave this living room, now!"
They asked if they could still go to my shows. Jack said, "Yeah, sure that's ok. But you have to leave now."
They begrudgingly got up and left. Paul, the tall gentelman caller, gave me a smore on his way out. I smiled a big grin as I ate it. Jack looked a little peeved, but it's a smore, man--and my pining days are over.

And let me just end the story with this. That straw matt is not looking so good these days and my downstairs neighbors a little irritated.

(I don't have time to proof read Jack and I have to go to a family thing in Jersey today)