De-Corking: A question on Eatery Policy

Restuarants and bars have this thing. If you bring an outside bottle of wine to their establishment you can drink it at their place of business as long as they open the bottle for you and charge you a corking fee.

My question is do mother's breast feeding their babies in eateries get charged a corking fee? I mean as long as the breasts were outside breasts of course, not having been purchased at the restuarant. Does de-corking a breast merely involve unhooking a bra? I'm just saying that these women are bringing in an outside beverage to a beverage serving establishment just as the wine drinkers are. I'm sure the baby or toddler could imbibe water provided by the resturaunt or bar. Or that brunch places could start carrying breast milk.

I don't know the answer to this question. I'm just posing it.