Is There Really No One Out There?

Last week Robert Chambers aka the preppy murderer was arrested for cocaine possesion and sentenced to life in prison. Chambers raped and murdered a girl in 1986. His crime 21 years ago did not warrant life without parol. However, posession of cocaine did. What?! Supposedly, the reason the coke possession landed him in jail for life was because it was his "3rd strike." According to some law that means he goes away forever. Which means that if you want to earn a life sentence you have to kill a woman and then commit two more crimes. Remember if you rape her before you kill her that still only counts as one crime. To get a life sentence you still need to commit two more crimes.

What gets me about the latest story on Chambers is that he was busted for coke with his girlfriend. Who is dating a raping murderer? Are you telling me all the sczitophrenic, homeless guys are all taken? It was suggested that Chamber's girlfriend was merely a crack head and therefore wasn't making sound decissions. Pardon me, but crack heads love getting high I think rape and murder are buzz kills. It was also suggested that perhaps this lady didn't know her current boyfriend once raped and killed a girl. You'd think would have been a hint.


Anonymous said…
Wow, so am I to understand that woman's life as well as her salary is only 70% of a man's? This calls for a march!
Anonymous said…
Schizophrenics are people. They have not chosen to have their brain malfunction. Your comparison shows your ignorance.
rachael said…
You're a little sensetive anon 2.

I'm saying that a homeless schizophrenic isn't usually a top choice for a boyfriend, whether or not their mental condition is chosen. That being the case. A homeless schizophrenic is a better choice than a convicted murderer.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

May I recommend picking up a sense of humor on your way home.