I Wrote it I Don't Have a Clue Either.

Today I relate to you a story that illustrates the relationship I have with my fairy godmother. Please don't confuse my fairy godmother with my actual godmother who happens to my mom's older sister. A fine lady but she's not a fairy she is just a godmother.

Several years ago I joined a knitting club-- a stitch and bitch if you will. I knitted and bitched with these ladies for a handful of weeks. Soon I began to freak out. I felt like maybe this knitting clique would be the last knitting clique I would ever join. Anyway, I decided to leave the knitting group. Well, I really I didn't know if I wanted to leave my new knitting buddies. I vacillated between staying and leaving. Finally, I resolved to just leave the knitting clique and let the chips fall where they may. Right before I sat the girls down and told them "I couldn't do this anymore" I conferred with my fairy godmother. My fairy godmother told me, that she thought it was a bad idea. Well, I left the stitch and bitch girls anyway. At first I felt free and relieved. But then I thought maybe I made a terrible mistake. Now, you're thinking that's right Rachael, fairy godmothers know best. I would agree with you, however, I don't think that is the case with my fairy godmother. I think my fairy godmother just takes the opposite opinion I have.

Why do I say that? Well, eventually my knitters let me back in the group, but it was never the same. They were cold and distant. I shared my hurt feelings with my fairy godmother, who told me that it was my fault for leaving them in the first place. Again, that is sort of true, but they took me back if they took me back they should have forgiven me or not taken me back. And, um...she's my fairy godmother she should take my side and empathize. Anyway, the girls were being to caddy so we disbanded once again. My fairy godmother told me I had hurt their feelings and basically the whole thing was my fault. Really? Fine. All I knew was that my knitting group and I were dysfunctional together but I missed them nonetheless.

A couple of years go by and I kind of reconcile with the stitch and bitch we all wind up going to a bar. Well, one of the girls accidentally, drunkenly threw-up on a nun which wound up getting us all thrown out of the bar. Where she proceeds to throw up on the curb in front of Christian Bale. It was a little embarrassing. Though, in her defense what is a nun doing at a bar? And none of us ever had an actual chance with Christian Bale. Anyway, my brother Stephen told this story my fairy godmother. My fairy godmother says, "Yeah, those girls are pathetic idiots." OK granted the whole thing was embarrassing. But you know I did choose these girls to be my friends. And wasn't my fairy godmother always on the side of these girls? Until of course I'm making an effort to hang out with them.

My point is that Cinderella's fairy godmother made her dress and carriage and got her to the ball; she didn't debate the merits of the ball with Cinderella. I just think a fairy godmother should be more supportive. That's all I'm saying.


fairy godmother said…
they didn't debate because when her fairy godmother offered to help, cindarella accepted it.

Blindly supporting bad life choices doesnt make a good fairy godmother, it makes an enabler.

I will try to be more supportive in the future but you need to try to come to me before you make any decisions from now on.
rachael said…
Internet Fairy Godmother:

It seems you've misread the post. My fairy godmother didn't think the knitting group was a bad choice when I was thinking of leaving it. My fairy godmother even blamed me for the dysfunctional relationship I had with the knitting group. And then when I had a moment of reconcilation my fairy godmother called these women losers (or whatever I wrote that she called them). Whatever was contrary is the position she took.

Granted this story isn't in context of the whole relationship I have had with my fairy godmother. Like when she told me to get an MBA a couple of years after I had received a degree in Theatre. In what world would a recent theatre grad have any interest in an advanced business degree? 8 years graduated and I still don't have interest in one. Or the time I started taking guitar lessons in my 22nd year on Earth. My Fairy Godmother didn't support that decession. Instead, she told I should be taking voice lessons. And what's so wrong about not wanting wear skirts or high heels. They're uncomfortable. I didn't realize I was ruining my life by having certain taste in fashion.

I disagree with you, internet fairy godmother, that caring about the women in my knitting group is an unhealthy life choice. Caring about people is never unhealthy even if they are horribly, mentally unwell. It's not like I need to drink 9 captain morgans and coke every night to get through my life. I don't drink until 2 or 3 in the morning and then try to do my job the next day at 10am. And it's not like I'm stuffing myself night after night with fatty, fried foods that contain mimimal amounts of vegetables.

If you or my actual fairy godmother want to criticize something criticize the fact that I frequently go all day without eating anything. That is a bad life choice. Learning guitar, caring about people (even if they're cruel or you think undeserved), studying theatre, or doing push-up on my knuckles are not bad life choices and if you or my actual fairy godmother were truly friends of mine, you wouldn't shit on me just because I see life differently than you.

Your drinking, awful diet, and sleep deprivation only hurt you, and that's why I don't throw it in your face everytime I see you. It's your life you should live it as you see fit.

But if you ever see me put in a needle full of herion in my arm, please feel free to stop me. But I don't need friends and family making me feel bad about myself because the rest of the world is doing a pretty awesome job at that as it is.
fairy godmother said…