The Missing Emily Post Lesson on Party Conversation

Let my follies guide you to a less awkward social life. The following is a rule for playing the "small world" game. (The "small world" game is that game you play when meeting new people. It usually goes something like this: "Oh you were once in Tyler, Texas. Do you know Britney Nichols? No." Or you could win and it could go like this, "Oh you're from Jacksonville, Florida. Do you know Lou Venterillo? Really, you do? What a small world.")

When playing the "small world" game don't ask if your new acquatance, whom you've just engaged in conversation at a fun and happening party, if they know a person who is deceased. Especially, if the deceased person was murdered. For example, "Oh you lived in Seattle doing theatre? What years did you live there?"
The other party guest replies, "2003-until last month."
"Oh yeah, I think my friend Nicole was still there in 2003. Yeah, I think that's the year I went to bumbershoot and stayed at her place. She did theatre."
"Oh. Wait. Wasn't she murdered a couple of years ago?"
"What a small world!" Big smiley grin. Your new party pal gets awkward and somber. Leading you to say, "Oh, uhh. I didn't mean to be dour I just thought we'd know someone in common. I...I thought there was a good chance because theatre scenes outside of nyc are pretty small. She did other thing besides die. I...I...I... guess you're not going to introduce me to your single, rich, handsome brother now."


Anonymous said…
Too funny!
mike said…
Excellent advice.