Obligatory Love and Football Metaphor

Next week the NY Football Giants take on the NY Jets in what is not a subway series as both teams play at the same stadium located in NJ nowhere near a subway. Football is unlike baseball in that rivalries within a city are not a big deal. I am by no means a Jets fan, but that doesn't mean I wish them ill will. The Jets are kind of like a pleasant co-worker. I am happy for them when their cat has kittens or their kids get cast in the school play. I’m also, thankful that my co-worker and I are not actually friends. We don’t have an intimacy that obliges me to attend my affable co-worker’s kid's school play. I like the co-worker well enough and would be sad if he/she came down with a case of cancer or something. As opposed to the Cowboys on whom I wish leukemia (metaphorically speaking). On the other hand the Giants are like a boyfriend. I love them. I love them unconditionally. It doesn’t matter how disappointing they, or how they toy with my emotions with their unpredictable play. I love them and want nothing but the best for them, even if I do curse them through the television every week and tell all my friends how agonizing having a relationship with them is. So here I am with a friendly yet not always contempt co-worker, the Jets, and my boyfriend the Giants. We are all living harmoniously on the planet together. Then, In comes the NFL and decides that my boyfriend needs to battle my affable co-worker. I wish no ill on my co-worker but I also need my boyfriend to succeed, even if that means my boyfriend has to pummel my already sick acquaintance on national television (OK regional television unless you have some special package from Direct TV) humiliating them in front of thousands of on lookers. I don't usually wish for the worst for the Jets but this Sunday they're messin' with my man and for that (even though it's not their choice) they need to be destroyed.