Fowl Cliches

I usually don't believe in "The Early Bird Gets the worm." Getting the worm requires skill, determination, timing and a little bit of luck. There is nothing in the worm's genetic code to make it more willing to be a bird's dinner early in the morning then in the afternoon or at dusk, or a 2am. And I say if the bird can nab a worm at 2am after hours of drinking then kudos to that bird.

My point is there is nothing that is done at 6am that can't be done at 12noon. Except hiking in the fall or winter if you are not a racoon. As I write this the time on my computer shows 11:30am. Today is my third attempt to travel out to the Berkshires to hike and take in fall foliage before the leaves hit the ground. It's over a 2 hour drive, so to make the most of day light I should get my ass out of bed earlier, but I can't.

In a semi-related note (as many of you think waking up late is a sign of laziness. I say you are lazy for going to bed so early when there is still so much work to be done.) I finally have confidence that I am not an alcoholic. Yesterday, after a series of disappointing events, I decided to go home, watch a movie and drink some wine. The problem was I have no wine at home. I figured I'd stop on my way home. When I got off the subway I realized I would have to walk a couple of blocks out of my way to purchase a bottle of wine. So I didn't. That's what's great about depression. It strips you of your motivation to self medicate.