Birthday presents will be Accepted All Month

That's right people it's my birthday. I am now officially 28 years old, for the last couple of weeks I've been responding to the question "how are old are you?" with "I'm almost 28." Now, I can respond simply, "28." Today, I'm one year closer to death. Yippee!

Also, I must say I woke up this morning feeling older and more mature. Yesterday, I had only been able to rent a car for 3 years, but now I've been able to rent one for four whole years. It's crazy how time flies. And in just a few short years I'll be too old for the draft. If you haven't sent me a birthday gift yet, don't worry I'll be accepting presents for the rest of the month. If you somehow lost my mailing address just email me at For my birthday I'm becoming a non-profit corporation so all gifts especially of the financial sort will be tax deductable. If you want a receipt just request that in the card under "Happy Birthday!!!"

How will I be spending the big day? Well, I was thinking of doing something special with my man Jack. I thought we could get checked for stds who the hell knows what that man picked up in the exotic locales he's been living in. I know we are such hopeless romantics. It nauseates some people.


Alicia said…
Happy Birthday, Rach. Did you get your bithday spankings?