Love might mean murder

Why do people think that love is some all powerful force on Earth? If two people love each other all negative emotions cease to exist between the two people. Let's put it this way. I love my mother but that doesn't mean she doesn't anger me all the time. And I'm sure I piss her off. Like for my birthday when I wanted to go to Bishoff's for ice cream. She said no, we're going to Luzy's for dinner. Not only does Luzy's not have ice cream they are nowhere near Bishoff's. I said, "It's my birthday god damn it! Today shouldn't I get what I want?"
"You're getting a free dinner, be grateful," She retorted. "Yeah, but I want ice cream and frisbee."
"Well, you're getting a nice dinner and cordoroy pants."
"But's it 90 degrees out and 120% humidity."
"What? You're going to run all over the park chasing a frisbee in this weather?"
"Well, not in cordoroy pants."
"So what the hell do you need a frisbee for?"
"If you hadn't lost my shorts."
"Oh don't start that again."
"Happy Birtday and you'll like it."
"Yeah, love you too."
"Good, i'm your mother."

See that's the crazy thing about love, I wanted to shoot her but at the same time take the bullet for her.


Nina Paley said…
I saw Avenue Q last week. Among its many fine songs: "The More You Love Someone the More You Want to Kill Them." Stuck in my head, it is.