Passive Agressive Blog Post

I discovered on a jaunt through parkslope that a wire which allows a person to connect a walkman, discman, IPod or the like to a stereo or any other device that has an RCA connection costs $19.99 plus 8.5% sales tax. (if living in nyc. If you live in Delaware or Oregon there is no sales tax and the base price might actually be cheaper for the cost of living in those states is less expensive.) I think if you have one at your residence and it's not yours and is someone else's--let's say mine-- you should return to it's rightful owner. Because the rightful owner might be on the unemployment and the unemployment might not exactly cover the rightful owner's rent never mind allow her (or him) to replace said item (or they could be making six figures as a corporate lawyer but have an addiction to bungee jumping which costs a lot). And rightful wire owner might take trips to Boston, MA in order to attend a going away party for her (or his) friend, Kate, (or some other person in another town named something different) who is moving to Chicago (or some other city in the US, Europe or even Asia) and would have liked to play tunes in celebration of the friend's brave move to start a new life in a new city, (or to celebrate the embracing of smoking crack everyday). But couldn't play Neutral Milk Hotel songs (or songs by Celine Dion) for everyone because she (or he) did not have the wire in his (her) possesion.


If my name were Kate and I were having a party because I was moving to Chicago, I would really have enjoyed some Neutral Milk Hotel songs. Probably not so much the Celine Dion, though.

Well, it's interesting to think about what might have been. *sigh*
Joey said…
Too bad no one here knows how to pick up a phone and ask for things. *SIGH*