We Know We're Out There

It's funny about the internet and blogs and site tracking programs. You can stalk your stalkers, or track the tracking of people who were tracking you. They may have only have left tracks behind in order to be tracked which increases there traffic and tracks. The internet is anything but anonymous my friends. I know you're reading and I know that you know that I know that you are reading. Unless, you don't have your own site in which case I'll know that you are reading but you won't necessarily know that I know you are reading. So to ensure yourself that I do in fact know you are reading you'll have to leave a voice mail or email message referring to something I posted but never specifically told you. Alternatively, you could try a 1950's technique and refer to a post live and in person. Then you'll see on my face that I know. And, I know that you know that I know. Of course if we dont' actually know each other than you will never know for sure that I know. But trust me I know. You're in your cubicle right now. And you, over there in your home office...hello. And you, random friend of my aunt's who's been forced to read, good evening and please feel free to ask your nephew to explain to you what the hell i'm typing about.

The only hope for most of us is a paid day job to come around and numb the soul. To elimanate the ability to care, or the impulse for egotistical curiosity. All our thoughts will then be focused on where our next drink is coming from or what is on TV. Yes, the day job is the new messiah. Well, that or going on the road where internet access is a pain. Or going on tour with a theatre company. Or a three picture deal with Mirmax or anyone really. OK, so, really the answer is a career or a career that crushes the life out of you. Either one.

Also note that if you leave a comment on someone's blog and use a psuedonym the believabilty of the psuedonym increases 100,000% if you remember to delete your url address on the little post comment form thingy.


Frank said…
Sounds like this post was intended for someoen. have you asked them for this item back yet, or are you just hoping they'll magically find their way over to your blog?
rachael said…
well, Frank. Frank is it? The post is entitled "passive agressive blogpost." Asking for something would require directness. Funny, how no magic was needed though.
anna said…
You'd think a person would just give back a forgotten item without the other person having to ask.
JenIsFamous said…
I don't know what you mean about pseudonyms, you two-headed Whig party slut.

- "no one you know!!!"
JamesE Lutz said…
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