Randy Newman can shove off

Once, as I walked by the first Synagague ever built in the US (located in Newport, Rhode Island) a friend asked why the synagague was so small. "Because Jews are short." I said loudly just as a Rabbi walked out of the small door. "Rachael!" I was reprimanded. "What?"
"Don't say that."
Why shouldn't I have said that? Jews in general are short compared to other types of white people, and compared to other Americans. Should the corn fed Nebraskans feel injured when called tall? The fact that my friend thought "short" was an insult I found offensive. What's the problem with short? It's just another state of being. Why do people feel the need to use euphemisms such as "vertically challenged?" I feel no challenge regarding my height. And couldn't a person over 6ft 3inches also be considered vertically challenged? They're they ones who have to live all the way up there. The poor bastards unable to bend down and tie their shoes or sit cross legged to play jax. Constantly bumping their heads on door ways and other things that are probably up there like weather balloons and construction cranes.

My point is short is not a some racial slur, and some ethnicities are shorter than others. Remember short people live longer so if you mess with us we'll wind up folding your body up into cheaper smaller coffin when you die.


Alicia said…
Viva la short people! 5'0" and proud!