Jack and I Dating

Happy 4th of July. I guess it's time to roast marshmellows over flaming British Flags. And gorge ourselves on french fries in honor of the French who made it possible for us to be independent.
Right now both Jack and I are out of work so things are little tight financially, unemployment is not what it used to be, actually it is more than it used to be as I worked more hours before collecting this time, but I digress.

In our current economic situation Jack and I find ourselves more open to experience new things. For example, last night we went for a bike ride to Coney Island with a nice british guy. I had met the British fellow after a show I did at Galapagos a couple of weeks ago. We hit it off and the Brit asked me to accompany him on a bike ride. I was about to turn down the invite because there was a strong possiblity it was a date, and I can't go on dates as I am living with (even if only temporarily) the man that I love. When I told Jack the story he said, "No, totally go! Actually, I'll come with you and maybe he'll buy us both hotdogs at Nathan's." So that's what we did. Last night Jack and I went on a date with a british gentleman to Coney Island where he did indeed buy both of us hotdogs. Not only that but neither Jack or I was asked to put out, it seems our British suitor is taking it slow. We're fine with that and are excited to see him again after the 4th of July.
Thinking back on past relationships I realize you loose things with each break up. When you forget something a person's place you think you're going to see them again and you can get it back. But no. I've lost a toothbrush, a little stereo adapter thingy, and a t-shirt--friggin frustrating, and you can't get those things back because you're not talking to them anymore. Though thankfully I haven't lost my ability to open up and be vulnerable. I can't loose something I never possesed.