Spray this

I still have a wicked sore throat. I realized yesterday after hearing the news reports about Judge Renquist that I am a pussy. The man has cancer and a fever and is 120 years old and he is still going to work. What did I do with my swollen glands? I tried to sleep myself back to health--no luck.
This morning I went out and bought that numbing spray for sore throats. I thought about buying the lozengers but, usually they sit in my mouth numbing the inside of my cheek instead of relieving my throat pain. So I bought the spray. Only problem is I can't get the spray onto the sore part of my throat. Now, my lips are numb, part of my tongue the roof of my mouth. Everywhere but my actual throat. I put the nozzle thing outside of my mouth, inside my mouth, inside and sideways. Missing everytime.
I am now 28 years old and can not take care of my own sore throat.