Life is Pain Your Highness...

This week has been a sort of bust for this blog and its funny. I think emotional pain is much more humorous to read than physical pain. Physical pain really shines in the visual, i.e. man slipping on a bananna peel and falling ear first into a sword--hysterical, trust me if you were to see it you'd be laugh laugh laughing. But emotional pain is much more versatile it works even in brail.
This evening a gentleman told me I was dressed like I should be working on the Love Boat. I naturally, responded by telling him to go fuck himself. He retorted with, "No, you look alive." Which made me think that this gentleman thinks I usually don't look alive. So, again I told him to go fuck himself. "All I'm trying to say is that you look good." He said through his 11th beer.
"Oh. OK. Well, thanks." Then I gave him the finger.