Get it?

The only way to get what you want is to not care if you get what you want. However, if you really don't care then you must not really want it. Therefore, what you wind up getting is not what you want, nor what you don't want (though it could be what you don't want), it is just what you get. And when you get it you'll probably take it for granted or barely notice that you've gotten it.

Supposedly, the way we humans behave when we want something or someone is the exact opposite we are to behave in order to get that something or someone. So to get what you what you want you have to pretend that you don't actually want it. This pretense of course makes us old before our time because WE DO actually WANT it. Deep down we yearn. We spend our time on doing other things then pursuing what we want. And if we don't do anything to get what we want then how are we to get it? We also waste our energies surpressing our yearning. Which makes us old before our time. And if we are old before our time we most likely will die before we get what we want. Basically, if we want it we can't have it. Instead we have to make do with what we are given, which we never cared about getting. Meaning, at some point we have to step back and realize we've gotten things.

This of course does not apply to ice cream which we frequently want and frequently can get. However, it does still apply to onion bagels--especially if in the city of Boston, MA.