Oh the days of the Lumberjack

I once dated a dude my friends and I had nicknamed the lumberjack--which had nothing to do with his disproportionately small hands. This is a brief tale of one of our dates.

The story:

The Lumberjack and I went to Teaneck, NJ to get ice cream at Bishoff's. As we walked up Cedar Lane the Lumberjack asked me if Teaneck was an Asian town. I said, "Oh it might be now- a -days, I think it used to be pretty jewish, but neighborhoods change. Why do you ask?" I asked that question because I didn't see any people on the street-- Asian or otherwise. He points up to a building we were passing and says, "Becauase of the writing on the buildings. I look up. "That's Hebrew."

Protestants you can't live with them you can't take them to Teaneck.

just being friends joke

What is the matter with my generation and the need to be friends with the people we've dated? You want to be my friend? Do you know what I do with my friends? I bitch about my relationships. OK then...let's be friends. We'll get coffee and talk about what a loser you are. God, I hate those people who exclaim how emotionally evolved they are. That they can be friend with all they're exes. They can surpress their emotions until they're...British! Friends. Yeah that's a great idea. Let's spend tons of time together and then not have sex! You know what else would be a great idea if I could become a diabetic and walk around with a cheesecake hanging from my neck!!!! That's be awesome too!


i love you.
it's like, no, really. pretend im just sitting here naked and in a glass case...of EMOTION.

we can just discuss the weather and oddly shaped moles.
Cressida said…
lol. this is hilarious! i agree. no friends for me either.