It's All Greek to Me

Yesterday I spent 10 hours temping at BearStearns. My assignment had me sitting through a risk management symposium. In an effort to escape I tried slitting my wrists with a copy of the agenda. Unfortunately, it was too dull.

Do you remember when syposiums consisted of gallons of wine, togas, and sex with young boys? What has happened? White Anglo Saxons bankers ruin everything.


Will McKinley said…
not to quibble, but isn't the plural of symposium symposia?
rachael said…
I don't know maybe we should ask "the baby."
John said…
What do you mean, "not to quibble"?

You say, "not to quibble" then you ask about the plural spelling of symposium?

Thank God you weren't quibbling.
Anonymous said…
Not to quibble, but isn't MacKinley spelled with an A?