It's Like

Living in NYC is like living in the 1800s . It takes 40 minutes, minimum, to travel 5 miles within the city limits of NY. Perhaps, if you traverse the five miles in a car, when there is no traffic, you can cut your travel time in half. However, it will still take you 15 minutes to find parking. Granted if you are driving a car in NYC it is no longer like living in the 1800s. But I mean, 20 minutes to transport oneself 5 miles via an automobile is ridiculous. It's like you're living in Yugoslavia where everyone drives a Yugo. Yes, I just wrote a Yugo joke. So reading this blog is like being in the 1980s. Too bad I don't know how to write in a Russian accent.

Though, if this were the 1980s you wouldn't be reading a blog in your cubicle. What did people do in cubes before the internet became ubiquitous? Get work done? No way. Getting work done would be like living in a futuristic dystopia where all the people are monitored by some grand, evil Pooba Overlord type. The Overlord in conjunction with his ruling class cronies would fashion a system where every single person on the planet is monitored every moment of their lives. Further, the food would be drugged to make people compliant and 100% productive. And that all is really like living in a 1970s sci-fi flick.

When you boil it down, living in NYC is like living in a 1970s Sci-Fi movie except it's the Starbucks and Chipolte who are invading.