A Love Story Excerpt

I walked into the cafe. My eyes and soul were immediately drawn to the beauty at the small cafe table. The sunlight fell through the window gently onto her. She sat there picking the skin off her earlobe with one hand while the other hand tirelessly tried to yank a hair from her magnificent chin. If she had a third hand I'm sure it would have burrowed through her lucious hair to continuely scratch that perfect scalp of hers. And if she were blessed with four and five hands I'm sure they would try to squeeze a zit. The moment my gaze enveloped her I knew that Grooming Disorder Siva Goddess must be mine.


Justine said…
And, 2 nonths later, is Mz. Goddess YOURS? And, if so, what does Jack think? I can come up with questions all night (if I must), but this is just to say you have a nice blogging style. I'll keep popping by, 'kay?

Cheers, Justine