I've Been Around the Block. The Same Block

Here's a little coincidence. The temp agency I most recently registered with has landed me an interview for a temp to perm job. I don't think I'm going to get this one, kids. She told me the name of the company I'm to visit today. The name sounded very familia, but I couldn't place it. Then all of a sudden I remembered how I know this company. It turns out I've already been fired from this company.

A year and several months ago while on a temp assignment through a different temp agency I worked for these people. Some snotty VP didn't want me checking my email. No one stands between me and my hotmail account. That's the only form of love and attention I know. Without email I'm alone. Email is my life blood. So, obviously, I continued to brazenly check my email throughout the day. Then I got the after 5pm call--they always call after five to fire you... after you have left the building. This way you don't destroy property or stab someone. Corporate America understands so little. I don't care. I didn't care about your internet policies, and I don't care enough to exert muscular effort into killing any of you. My apathy runs deeps. This is probably why this company began hiring temps from a different agency. Too bad no one realized that New York City is one big temp pool. There are hundreds of agencies but they've registered the same 300,000 temps/actors/comedians/muscians/painters.

When I realized the Universe's joke I told my latest temp agency that I had worked at this company before. I explained there had been a "conflict." "What kind of conflict?" my temp placement officer asked. "My supervisor was abusive," I responded. And she was. She deprived me of love. Is there any worse abuse than that? Apparently, my temp placement officer is heartless all she sees is her commission and she is sending me on the interview anyway.