Advice for the Ladies

Last week I thought I had no advice for the ladies regarding the getting laid. Well, nearly a week has passed and things have changed. I have a definite "Don't" for the straight women. However, I think this is a definite "DO" for all you female lady lovers out there.

Say it's a Friday evening and you're thinking, "Yeah, I could go for some sex tonight." You should most certainly leave your apartment and go where the people are. However, do NOT go to the all female folk show. Yes, the music might be enjoyable, but a straight girl not likely to get any action. Say you forget this advice. Make sure you do not compound your mistake by cowardly not pursuing the male muscians who are backing up the female folkies. Go ahead ask your folk singer acquantance, who invited you to the show, to introduce you to her mildly attractive, male base-player. 'Cuz that's the straight guy who isn't on a date at the show. You need to talk to him. Don't leave until you speak to him! Or else you're going home alone. Then you'll have to ask if this show was really worth a $6 cover and $7 class of shitty house red?" If you're not going to pursue the bass player and his kind it's probably best for straight, concupiscent women to avoid the folk show.