My baggage My Laundry

I read a sign in an eatery bathroom this evening. "Do not flush anything but toliet paper" I was like what am I supposed to do with this baby then?
This week I've been trapped in a closet with no computer, no phone, no windows but plenty of files. For $11.25/hr I staple and unstaple human resource files. This evening after performing two shows for no money I began to try to fold the items of my laundry and pack them into my carry-on suitcase. Why? So that I could bring said laundry over to my parents' house tomorrow. Turns out I have too much laundry, so I will be stumbling a half of mile to the B train at 8am tomorrow with a huge, heavy, bright- yellow bag filled with laundry. I will then transfer to the V train where I'll get off at the 53rd street station. It's here I'll get to carry this bag up three flights of stairs. Me and the bag will then limp down Madison Avenue 2 blocks where we will head up the elevator and make our way back to the closet.

Yes, it is easier to to do my laundry in my neigbhorhood, but I made a choice, laundry in the hood or trip to Central Europe. Plus, where's the work-out doing laundry locally?

ross's pix of our trip