Parenta Parents

My mother and I were discussing the book deals that are going around. She thought I should catch one. I explained I have no book, nor book type material. She suggested some of the pieces I've posted here (of course edited for grammar, spelling and coherentness). I responded that these don't really have a theme that would tie them together for a book. She said, "Yes, they do. Random ramblings of a lunatic." We laughed.

I wondered if my own mother thinks I'm nuts, how am I ever going to get any of you people to think otherwise.

That's my parents-absurdly supportive. My folks would drive up to Boston to see me act in varying artsy fartsy Emerson productions--that is definitely going the extra mile. But after every show my father would say to me, "Wow, there are some really talented kids that go this school." Not me of course, but hey those talented kids' parents didn't come out to see the show.


Will McKinley said…
ah, the inherent desire for parental approval.

our current posts are perfect companion pieces!