Ten Years--boy they flew!

My ten year high school reunion is next month. I was not actually invited by the organizers. Which was perfect. I got to relive my high school experience without having to shell out $92 bucks. Yes, $92 to hanging out with people who hated me. The prom was not that expensive and at least the prom held the possiblity for sex--well, for my fellow classmates.

Actually, I had sex at my senior prom. I didn't know that I had until my Freshman year of college. A high school chum informed me that I had slept with my prom date, Danny Lescht. Not only that but after Danny and I were done having sex he then bedded his friend Jesse's date. Who knew my date was such a stud. I don't really remember that part of the evening, but I'm sure I was grateful for Jesse Smith's date, I'm sure Danny had worn me out after several hours and I needed a substitute. What a trouper that gal must have been.

OK so Dan probably lied and we didn't actually have sex. Which is just funny that he choose me to lie about. First off, if he's going to invent an insane story of high school sex, perhaps he should have slept with a popular hot chick, like one of the Schetieny sisters. The other problem with choosing me for the focal point of his story is my sex life has never been much of secret. I used to bitch about being a virgin until I finally lost the damn thing at the mature age of 21. If I had lost my virginity that prom night the next morning I would have rented a plane and flown a banner letting the world know I got laid. Even if it was with Danny Lescht.

I shouldn't bitch I'm sure Danny's version of my first time was much better than how my first time actually went.


Will McKinley said…
I think you should go to the reunion and bring a nine year-old boy with you. (Put an ad in Backstage for a child actor.) Refer to the kid as "Little Danny" and introduce him to his Dad. I'm sure Danny Sr.'s lovely wife will enjoy it!
Allison said…
Rachael, I will PAY the $92 for you if you do what Will suggested in his comment.
rachael said…
That makes the whole thing tax deductable.